2014 Ford Mustang consumer reviews

A lot of attention has been on 2015 Mustang since its launch. Anniversary model is attractive and refreshed, but many buyers are not ready to buy it just because of its legendary name. As all cars, Mustang is not perfect, even though some think this is the best car ever. However, we will take a look at pros and cons from previous model, 2014 Ford Mustang. We compared some consumer reviews and most of them are satisfied with this vehicle, but there are also some things shown as common failure.

2014 ford mustang consumer reviews

2014 Ford Mustang consumer reviews – pros

We will start with positive feedbacks. Users of the 2014 Ford Mustang are most satisfied with its performance, which is somehow expected. However, as a muscle car, it is normal that some buyers expected more, but these are rare. Drive impression is very positive. Drivers tell that sight is excellent, better than most of the ‘Stangs they have been driving before, if not the best. Cornering is also great in sharp, mountain turns. Acceleration from 305 hp rated V6 unit is great. Styling also came to positive critic.

2014 ford mustang consumer reviews 01

The 2014 Mustang had redesigned headlights in HID and LED technology, which is one of the best upgrades, according to consumers. All those who has positive  impression about 2014 Ford Mustang are together in one thing – this is the one of the car which offered them most fun in drive.

2014 Ford Mustang consumer reviews – cons

The 2014 Ford Mustang is a pony car. Most attention was turned to performance, while visual details weren’t as much important as engine and its specifications. Well, 2014 ‘Stang is attractive, but interior features are not at expected level for this iconic vehicle. Also, many users complained about the price of upgrades, with, for example, Bluetooth connectivity cost of $1500. Also, other parts are not cheap when changed at mechanics. Damages don’t happen often, but repairs are expensive. We stay inside the 2014 Ford Mustang.

2014 ford mustang consumer reviews

Cabin has a 4 passenger layout, but everyone agree that back seat room is not so comfortable. All these buyers that look for family car, or commute vehicle for more than two persons, should look for another car. On the performance, users complain on engine noise and shifting. Especially hard to shift is reverse, which is very close to first gear.


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