2015 Ford Mustang exterior design

Few days after official unveil of the new 2015 Ford Mustang, we have a chance to present you some of the design features that this long awaited legendary pony car brought. Under heavy camouflage during testings in recent months, all exterior details were a objects of rumors, not a cold facts. Mustang 2015 is not available in markets yet, so all what have been seen in unveiling should be seen oth the photos. But it doesn’t make same feeling as watching the car. Few more months of waiting is ahead of us.

2015 Ford Mustang exterior design

One of many changes comes for convertible models. It is  confirmed that it will come with fabric top. All electric, not hydraulic, roof will operate quicker and quieter than what we’ve seen earlier.

2015 Ford Mustang exterior design – dimensions

Exterior design was inspired by many things, but one thing was lead for designers- and that is the first generation Mustang from ’64.  New Mustang was a object of many spy shots so big part of official information are not to far from many reports we already knew. Wheelbase remains the same – 107.1-inch wheelbase. Dimensions of the rear truck have been increased from 62.1 to 64.9 inches and car gained 1.5 inches overall. Also, with lower car for 1.4 inches, the new Mustang became noticeably more aggressive, athletic and planted.

2015 Ford Mustang exterior design

2015 Ford Mustang exterior design  – Front

Main highlight on the fronal is Mustang’s trapezoidal grille. Grille-mounted driving lamps are dropped, and instead of it we have more traditionally mounted fogs in the bottom of the front fascia. Also, fascia contains details insporated by Evos Concept. Power dome and functional heat extractors are equipped on the hood and reminiscent of the original Mustang are three LED gills.

2015 Ford Mustang exterior design

2015 Ford Mustang exterior design – Back

The back of the 2015 Mustang has been lowered 2.75 inches. This makes shape of vehicle more fastback and more planted appearance.  What is going to catch your sight are triple LED taillights, with blacked-out surround. This is great addition to the latest model and big highlight for current.

2015 Ford Mustang exterior design

2015 Ford Mustang exterior design – Color schemes

Color schemes for the new Mustang also have few additions. All current patterns are still available, except “Gotta Have It Green”. New patterns are Competition Orange; Triple Yellow Tricoat and darker green called “Guard”.

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