2015 Ford Mustang Rocket

New, 2015 Ford Mustang is still fresh in the market, and hype about it doesn’t cool off. However, company is working on, so they continue to develop modified and tuned versions of this legendary vehicle. Among them is 2015 Ford Mustang Rocket made by Fisker-Galpin group. We saw the Rocket before, but newest addition to Mustang family could be most attractive ever.  With many modifications, all ‘Stang lovers will wait eagerly to see it.

2015 ford-mustang rocket front view

2015 Ford Mustang Rocket powertrain

Engine for the 2015 Ford Mustang Rocket will be the same as for regular model. It is 5.0-l V8, mated to 6-speed manual transmission. Fisker-Galpin will add their suspension to this car. Rumors are swirling that new Rocket could deliver 725 hp, topping the leader in muscle car segment Camaro. Galpin company prepared bold lines and special carbon fiber parts fpr better performance. Also, if this car appears as hybrid, it could be thanks to Fisker Karma, which was used for other super cars, such as Aston Martin DB9 and BMW Z8. According to officials’ words, this car has not been tested to its maximum, so other performance details are unavailable. However, Fisker is known for testing cars for about 6 months between its presentation and official release. By then, everything should be fixed and prepared for buyers.

2015 ford-mustang rocket

2015 Ford Mustang Rocket design

A lot of modifications are expected. First of all, we can expect a lot of carbon-fiber usage by Fisker-Galpin. The 2015 Ford Mustang Rocket design will be inspired by Shelby GT500 model from 1967. Fisker-Galpin will made similar, but bolder comparison. However, designers decided not to touch structural components, since modification would be much harder then. So, Fisker-Galpin decided to maintain base design of 2015 Ford Mustang for Rocket. Few curves are added to front fender and front wheel lips. Air intakes are also refreshed.

2015 ford-mustang rocket rear view

2015 Ford Mustang Rocket price

Price of the 2015 Ford Mustang Rocket made by Fisker-Galpin could go slightly over $100.000. However, this car is not expected so soon. Nevertheless, it would be much cheaper option than other supercars from same category, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

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