2015 Ford Mustang started selling in Europe

It has been 50 year since its first appearance. People in Europe heard about it, and many became real fanatics and lovers. But, Ford didn’t plan to offer the Mustang outside US borders. Now, for half century anniversary, they decided to step forward. The icon went international. First, premiere was made in 6 cities all around the world at same time. Now, few months after, sale started. What is new is that buyers across the Europe can order the vehicle from dealerships. However, Ford made another surprise for all buyers making the 2015 Mustang available in right-handed drive. A great anniversary gift to all enthusiasts. Produce stays in US, and from there all 2015 Ford Mustangs will be delivered all across the Europe.

2015 Mustang in Europe

2015 Mustang first orders in Europe

Interest is, as it was predicted, great. The company received almost 9,500 applications during the first ten days of sale. Even in first 30 seconds, Ford received over 500 orders for 2015 Mustang. Worth of mentioning is that Ford, as one of the main sponsors of UEFA Champions League, decided to launch sale at the kick-off of the final match of the season in that competition. First round of delivery will contain 500 vehicles, from which 130 will end up in UK.

2015 Mustang in Europe

2015 Mustang price in Europe

Price is around $50.000, which means around 30.000 pounds for UK residents and around 37.000 in European currency. Its main competitor Nissan 370Z will have similar price, but what is interesting that 2015 Mustang is way cheaper than other competitors from German carmakers BMW, Audi and Porsche.

2015 Mustang in Europe

2015 Mustang goal

Aim of this move is to offer legendary car to wider market and to raise number of buyers. Many European enthusiast were unable to purchase, or had to pay extra import taxes to owe a car they like. Now, 2015 Mustang will be closer and available for easier buy. This will make happy many fans, so it is not in doubt that sales records will bump a lot. It will cost Ford also, but with every unit sold, investments will pay off. In association with this story, experts predicted raise of 25% in sales for all Ford vehicles by 2020 year.

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