2015 Sallen Mustang S302

Next generation of muscle cars will get new vehicle with 2015 Sallen Mustang S302. New model will get new design and performance is about to be boosted. This Sallen model will be different from standard Mustang, which is visible at first sight of its front. The 2015 Sallen Mustang S302 is more aggressive and more attractive than any pony car from Ford’s factories.

2015 Sallen Mustang S302

2015 Sallen Mustang S302 changes

Most changes for the 2015 Sallen Mustang S302 will come on the front end. Some experts predict that this is try out for next Mustang models. Complete front end will be changed except headlights. The grille will get completely new look, and according to first impressions, look of the 2015 Mustang S302 is way better than Mustang. Aggressiveness is gained with colored bumper that can be found between upper grille and lower portion. Hood will get new lines, dominated with hard angles and sharped sections. From hood to the fenders, lines are similar to Mustang’s, but with many details unique for Sallen.

2015 Sallen Mustang S302

2015 Mustang S302 engine

There is still no word about engines for the 2015 Sallen Mustang S302. Luckily, there are some situations with previous version which could unveil intentions and lead us to the secret. Previous Sallen was named as S281 and this name came from volume of its powertrain, that was 281 cubic inches for base models of the vehicle. Also, it relative was Mustang GT, just with less output. It is expected that 2015 Sallen Mustang S302 gets power from 5.0-l engine, same as we can found at  current Mustang GT. Of course, the engine would be modified to give more horsepower than GT. If we compare current Saleen and Mustang GT, we find out that there is difference of around 20 hp, so we expect same gap with new 2015 Sallen Mustang S302. Also, there could be launched high end versions of the car. It is certain that at least one supercharged model will follow base Saleen S302. It could be S302-SC or perhaps the S302 Extreme. Whatever Mustang decides, that upgraded model will feature power upgrades which could offer new Saleen with over 625 horses.

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