2016 Ford Mustang

After an anniversary edition of 2015 Ford Mustang, we don’t expect large modifications for new vehicle. The 2016 Ford Mustang will come out refreshed, with some additions already known. For that year, company will pay more attention to variations, than to base models, so it will be more interesting to see what will we get for GT models, GT350 and GT500. However, these models are not confirmed yet, bit according to trusted sources from inside the company, final testing on 2016 Ford Mustang models and variations are ongoing.

2016 Ford Mustang spy

2016 Mustang spy shots

Since sharp objectives of spy shot camera already caught Ford Mustang 2016 models, we are sure that cars are coming. Even with heavy camouflage, it was easy to recognize GT units. From material of these images, we can confirm that GT350 and GT500 are almost ready for premiere, but we expect from Ford to make final touches and modifications on them. If we talk about base model of 2016 Mustang, there are only rumors about refreshed car, but still without confirmation from company or spy shots.

2016 Ford Mustang front view

2016 Ford Mustang engines

Some of the models of 2016 Ford Mustang will get new powertrains. That is the matter in GT vehicles. Next year we will have a super car, 2015 Ford Mustang HPE700 with over 700 hp and 630 lb-ft of torque, as a predecessor for what we will get in year after. The GT350 and GT500 will get refreshed engines. First, GT350 will probably came with standard 5.0-l V8 with 550 hp. Current engine under the hood of 2016 Mustang GT500 is same 5.0-l V8, but with higher performance numbers. Output 660 hp and 630 lb-ft of torque are expected to be upgraded.

2016 Ford Mustang side view

2016 Ford Mustang price

All models of 2016 Ford Mustang will get not just mechanical boost, but also price raise. Base model is expected to cost around $50.000, while GT models have higher price tags. If we see HPE700 again in 2016, we are sure that this mark will be closer to $100.000.

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