2016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M4

The 2016 Ford Mustang and 2016 BMW M4 are going to be two of the most attractive cars in their classes. Competition 2016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M4 will be tough, since both companies offer a lot of features and attractive design solutions. Nevermind the difference in their use. While 2016 Mustang is a pony car, 2016 BMW continues tradition of well tuned performance car. Both models are being present at top for decades, so if there are some people that are undefined which of these two models to pick and buy, that decision is going to be very hard.

2016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M42016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M4

2016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M4 – engines

This is part of the both cars where difference in power is not so big. The 2016 Mustang is classic pony car, made to produce high outputs. However, base models have 2.3-l EcoBoost installed under its hood. However, Mustang GT model is closer to M4 with 5.0-l V8 and 435 hp. The 2016 BMW M4 can make 425 hp from twin-turbocharged V6. Both cars have manual or automatic transmission, and difference is in number of shifts. While M4 uses seven-speed dual-clutch, Mustang’s engine is mated to six-speed gearbox. Both vehicles are set to reach speed over 150 mph.

2016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M4 – price

Cost of the 2016 BMW M4 could be stumbling block in purchase. With starting price over $65.000, it is obvious that all buyers can turn to Mustang GT model, which cost still under $50.000 mark.  It still offers more power and better performance, but German carmaker is known for their luxurious equipment, comfort, and well, price for all of that, at the end.

2016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M42016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M4

2016 Mustang vs 2016 BMW M4 – redesign

Two cars are very from outside. They have near dimensions, and some lines are similar. Without difference is 2+2 seating layout in cabin. However, German product has less space on the back seats for adult persons. Also, convertible variants are available both for 2016 Mustang and 2016 BMW M4. If we are up to making favorites, comfort is on the BMW M4 side, but visual appearance should be Mustang’s advantage.

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