2016 Shelby GT

The 2016 Shelby GT has been presented. It is the most powerful Mustang so far, when it is about new generation model. Current generation of this iconic car came last year and it brought something different than we used to. For the first time this pony is globally oriented, so it is designed as some kind of a compromise, in order to meet the demands of both American and rest-of-the-world customers.

2016 Shelby GT front view

However, many fans were disappointed with new model, because it lost its true character of a muscle car and became more European. However, this refers only on standard models, while performance ones will keep their true wild spirit. We have seen GT350 firstly and now there is 2016 Shelby GT which goes even further.

2016 Shelby GT specs

This model comes as company’s desire to keep the spirit of Carol Shelby alive, but also to offer a true Mustang, which will make you feel like Steve McQueen for during drive. The 2016 Shelby GT comes with plenty of modifications, compared to standard model.

2016 Shelby GT side view

It may keep the base look, but almost every part comes improved. New model uses plenty of carbon fiber in its structure, so it is lighter than standard model. It also features many new visual details which give much more aggressive appearance to 2016 Shelby GT. However, the main thing about is its engine. Although this model uses 5.0 liter V8 Coyote, which runs many other models, it now has much more power. Thanks to large turbocharger, is has max output of 627 horses, which is around 100 more than GT350.

2016 Shelby GT interior

If you want even more power, there is an optional tuned up package, which goes up to over 700 horses. However, this doesn’t mean that 2016 Shelby GT is good only on the track.This car is very well balanced and it is designed to be very capable for the track, but also very practical for everyday drive. Compared to competition, this model with its characteristics stands somewhere between track-oriented Camaro Z/28 and powerful monster called Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

2016 Shelby GT rear view

2016 Shelby GT price

When it is about price, compared to base Mustang GT which goes around 32.000, 2016 Shelby is around 40.00 dollars more expensive. This amount of money maybe sounds too much, but this car is definitely worth of that money. If this is too much for you, there is GT 350, which goes around 50.000 dollars and has only 100 hp less.

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