2017 Shelby GT500

As you probably know, Ford released new generation of its legendary pony car over a year ago. After standard versions, it is time for hi-performance models and especially for Shelby versions. While GT350 is already on its way, the fastest Mustang is expected to come in near future. Original model came 1967, and it is expected that new one will come as 2017 Shelby GT500, celebrating 50 years anniversary. This model is in a development phase and testing model has been spotted on the streets. It still wears a heavy camouflage, so we must rely mostly on speculations and our predictions.

2017 Shelby GT500 spy photos

2017 Shelby GT500 specs

As we already mentioned, testing model has been spotted on the roads. At this point, it is still completely camouflaged, which indicated that SVT engineers prepare many, many unique features. According to some reports, 2017 Shelby should have modified front end, which will include more aggressive nose, larger air intakes and probably a grill less opening, just it was the case with previous model. The hood is also expected to be modified and it should feature air intakes and big heat extractor near the hood’s leading edge. On the rear end, 2017 Shelby will probably get unique spoiler and new quad-tipped exhaust pipes, while specially designed wheels with Michelin Super Sport tires are also expected.

2017 Shelby GT500 front view

2017 Shelby GT500 engine

The exact details about engine for the 2017 Shelby GT500 are still unknown so we must rely on speculations. According to the rumors, the current 5.8 liter engine will be used for next-generation model too. Some insiders claim that engineer failed several times in testing new engines, so company decided for proven variant. This supercharged engine features flat-plane crank, and it has max output of around 660 horses, with red line at 7000 rpm. However, it will probably come tuned up for 2017 GT500, with some additional amount of power. It is expected that current 6-speed manual transmission will remain also.

2017 Shelby GT500 engine

2017 Shelby GT500 release date

Since this model still in a testing phase, it is hard to predict when it will be launched. However, it is pretty much for sure that it will come as 2017 Shelby GT500, so late 2016 sounds most likely.

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