Ford Mustang Super Snake

The Super Snake from Ford is nickname for its legendary Shelby GT500 model. Well, this vehicle has become a part of the history and it took the place among other ‘Stang classics in their museum. Shelby Automotive Museum will get another model from this lineup which started with CSX200, famous Cobra. However, 500 more 2014 Shelby GT500 Super Snake units will be launched into markets. This vehicle is so popular, so we guess sale won’t long too long.

ford mustang super snake

Ford Mustang Super Snake engine

Powertrain of the Ford Mustang Super Snake is well known 5.8-liter supercharged V8. This drivetrain has been under the hood of the Shelby GT500 for a quite long, and since change of platform is in future Ford’s plans, we expect ne units for Super Snake. However, current engine can deliver up to 850 horsepower. Base Shelby GT500 can produce 662 hp, but Super Snake is modified and boosted for all performance freaks. However, we are eager to see what could bring new platform, since from current 2015 Ford Mustang base version, company promises a lot of changes in future.

Ford Mustang Super Snake  – new platform

It is believed that one of the final Ford Mustang Super Snake models is current 2014 vehicle. New platform could bring many changes, including new name. It could happen that Shelby GT500 could come in future as GT350, with a lot of modifications, both outside and under its hood. However, these are still unconfirmed rumors, based on unverified source, but still interesting story which makes sense if we look at other Ford’s moves.

ford mustang super snake

Ford Mustang Super Snake price

The Shelby GT500 was a vehicle that first came out from new plant in Las Vegas. It was Grabber Blue 2014 Mustang GT500 Super Snake. That is one out of 500 models produced for 2014 year. Price for base models, without additional equipment is around $56.000. However, plain Mustang Super Snake is not so interesting, and recommended package is for suspension, with new tires and wheels. However, this upgrade costs just under $30.000. Also, if you want to boost your 2014 Shelby GT500 Super Snake to maximum performance, you will need engine boost from 3.6-liter Kenne Bell supercharger, which can make your Super Snake deliver 850 hp.

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